We wont be able to cover all these topics within one session (I am not a wizard !). We will focus on 2 or 3 topics depending on participants needs and stories !

What we can address ?

  • Know general (and define your own) management principles
  • Learn how to coach (on field, reading tips, trainings...)
  • Conduct exciting 1:1, not just boaring updates meetings
  • Set impactful objectives (based on NLP appraoch) rather than asking a list to your N-1
  • Learn how to make feedbacks that energize your N-1 while giving him clues to progress
  • Say Hard things (firing announcement, no paycheck increase...)
  • Conduct great reviews (360, balance between strengths and improvement, objectives...)
  • Learn about methodologies available (MBTI, Disc, Process Comm, PNL, CNV...)

Prerequisites from participants

Bring a tangible example of a management situation where they experienced difficulties and where they need help


  • 1H30
  • 6 to 8 participants
  • Remote is totally possible