⭐Discovery training

What you will learn from this training

  • Prioritizing well your product roadmaps by understanding what your users need (vs. what they say they need)
  • Focusing on outcomes rather than outputs by setting up user metrics (vs. business metrics) measuring a progress made by your user's
  • Aligning stakeholders on the product strategy by levelling up the discussion around needs' priority before diving into solutions


Average note of 9 out of 10 (90 respondants)

Super dynamique de Pierre Première formation où je rentre autant dans le détail de mener un test U, se rendre compte des biais, abus de langage etc J'ai bcp appris et ça m'a donné envie de continuer à creuser le sujet
"Les exemples concrets, franchement super. Les take aways hyper clairs. Le côté "vraie vie" et pas théorique."
"Le format interactif, les cas pratiques, les retours d'expérience de Pierre"

Training sessions program

This training is a 5 parts training. You don't have to go through all the trainings but if you want to follow more than one, you need to follow the order

  1. What User Centricity is really about ? Some theory (a few slides) about Discovery. And above all, 5 tangible examples where we realize how powerful user centricity can be but that it also requires a strong commitment from the whole organisation (who are keen to set business metrics, jump into delivery too fast, stay stucked on their own product, resort to quantitative research wo qualitative...)
  2. Pitfalls to avoid when doing UR (User Research) : UR is simple in theory but comes with several pitfalls (mainly biases). Being aware of them allow you to avoid them. Again, 5 tangible examples to go through the most critical pitfalls and learn how to be careful with what your users say (or what you want them to say...)
  3. The art of interviewing : once convinced of the importance of being User Centric, how to move on ? Tools, user sourcings, interview tips, routines... You will see, always through tangible example, how interviewing can be an art, from listening to clarifying what your users really need. Everyone will interview during this session
  4. The discovery toolbox : this session will focus about 5 methodologies that will help you have productive discussions with your stakeholders, measure efficiently market fit, go back to the rootcauses, or understand who you play against in terms of substitutes (not competition)
  5. UR in practice: this wrap up session will allow you to put together all the learnings you went through during the first sessions through a compelling case where I will be playing the user role. You will be interviewing me and we'll debrief through every stage of the research

Format :

  • 6 to 8 persons to favor interactions and experiences sharing between participants.
  • 1H30 for each session
  • Remote possible


  • <500 persons in the company : 1200€ HT per session
  • 500+ Persons in the company : 1500€ HT per session